forZe eSports official statement

On September 27, forZe eSports coach Sergei “lmbt” Bezhanov received a notification from ESIC about the use of a bug in two forZe matches with MIBR and a game against Nordavind. The organization is extremely surprised by the position of ESIC. Before any public accusation that would damage the coach’s reputation is made, we asked for a factual investigation to take into account the evidence we provided.

During the episodes with the bug in the match against the MIBR team lmbt was working in the Maincast analytics studio. It should be noted that Sergey joined the analytics studio even before the start of our match, having previously logged into the server as a coach. We have the video records from analyst desk during same time when the bug happened. There we can see that he is watching his phone where the forZe’s match is happening. And also we have the official confirmation from Malta Vibes.

MIBR vs. forZe

Match of our team

Complexity vs Heroic

Match, in which analytics lmbt was at the time of the appearance of bug

Earlier, Sergei Bezhanov officially notified ESIC about a bug in the forZe match against Nordavind:

  • It was not possible to get rid of the bug for 61 seconds, after which Sergey was able to get rid of it and finished watching the round as usual.
  • This episode did not affect the outcome of the round and the match.
  • When the coach tried to fix this bug, he didn’t give information about the situation on the map to the players.

We reviewed our last 22 competitive de_dust2, and in 20 of them there was a similar placement of players at the beginning of the pistol round, and in 7 of them the placement was absolutely identical. Below is a screenshot of the placement of players in the round with bug and another 7 screenshots of the absolutely identical placement in other matches.

Sergei “lmbt” Bezhanov remains the team’s coach. The organization and the players support the coach as much as possible and hope that this situation will end fairly, cause he was accused without a preliminary investigation and request for an explanation and, moreover, they intend to give a ban for 7 months, without taking into account any circumstances. In this regard, we will defend our position and, if necessary, will contact the appropriate authorities for further investigation.

forZe eSports opposes any use of bugs and other prohibited things to gain an advantage in the game, and always upholds the principles of fair play.

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